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Audio Capture Help

Postby metmot » Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:45 pm

I'm wondering what is the best way to capture audio at an event where the video location is not good for audio capture. Specifically what kind of affordable audio recording device to buy and tips on how to place it. I spend a long time with audacity cleaning up my audio and it's still not very good.

I recently filmed a couple events with my canon hv30 where I was quite a ways away from the sound source I want to capture but very close to disturbing background noise. Obviously I need to place either a mic or a separate audio recording device at a better location to hear the desired audio most clearly and I have access to any spot I would like but could use some practical advice. I'm not sure whether a mic would help me much as I can't really get to far from where I'm filming. But I'm not sure.

Is there an inexpensive decent quality digital audio recorder anyone can recommend or any other tips or tricks or links to such? In short I'm a rank amateur and could use some help.

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Re: Audio Capture Help

Postby somneim » Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:13 pm

Either some friend is helping and using audio device on the proper spot to record and you filmed from a long distance or buy some spy gadgets. I am making some amateur short movies with my canon camera but when comes to the sound I want to be perfectly. So I bought 3 mics and audo recording devices and with my friends made really good records. You can improvise of course with mobile phone and Dictaphone mp3 players just you need more people. You records videos other records sound. After that is up to you to make good alignment on some video editor.
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Re: Audio Capture Help

Postby wds937 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:00 am

In addition to any issue surrounding software or recording equipment, you might want to give consideration to microphones and their placement. Obviously, if you can get closer to the desired sound and farther from the disturbing noise, that should help. Although that is not always possible, you may see improved results using a directional microphone, such as one with a cardioid pattern (a directional, heart-shaped sensitivity pattern, most sensitive toward the "front" of the microphone) or one with a shotgun pattern (a highly directional pattern, but requires more careful aim toward the desired sound, due to its narrow sensitivity pattern shape).
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