can I use saved image file to burn dvd?

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can I use saved image file to burn dvd?

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Ive built the show, saved the show, ticked to save copy to folder, create image disk, burned a dvd. Problem is I need 17 copies. My dvd burner and then computer seems to freeze up 1/2 way thru the second burn. I want to know if I can somehow use the image to burn the additional copies of my show without having to start all over evertime the computer freezes up. Right now Im having to power down, power up, open project and when I click to burn project to disk it does all the converting stuff(takes 36minutes for my 1.8gig show)then burns to disk(another 8 or so minutes) sometimes I cant get one copy completely burned which is a waste of the dvd disks. Can I burn the image file using Ulead or do I have to use another program. I cant find any specific steps in the help files about how to actually burn the image. Ive been using ulead picture show for many many years but never actually burned from an image before.
and when I go to the folder where the image should be, nothing opens to show an image file.
thank you in advance for your answer.
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Burning DVDs

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I've never tried to burn that many at one time. My biggest number was 5 and it was a short slideshow. I would recommend a couple of things with no guarantee that either will work. First, set the output speed below the max at something like 4 or 8 (as opposed to 16x). Second, I would do them in small groups. Don't tell it to burn 17 at one time. I would suggest groups of 5.

It may very well be that your PC just doesn't have the muscle for what you want it to do. You might be able to find a company which would burn 17 for you cheap, provided you supplied the discs.

I know nothing about hardware or software design and my comments are user based.
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I'd recommend outputting the program as "DVD Folders" and using a 3rd party burning app to make copies. Once your production has been written to an image file or DVD Folder it should burn straight away as all of the rendering, etc., was done when you created the file. If you happen to have several DVD-RW drives, Roxio Creator 2009 or Gear Pro "Professional" can write to multiple destinations simultaneously. This would definitely save you some time however both are somewhat costly programs . If the problem is an underpowered PC you would have to experiment with different burning apps to see which of them consumes the least resources.
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