Photo Express 4.0 doesn't start -


Photo Express 4.0 doesn't start -

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This is my first post on the forum and pls be indulgent with my english wich is not my native language.

I use Photo Exoress 4.0 and we are pleased with this software.

The only problem is the following :

As soon a divx codec is intalled on the PC, PE4.0 doesn't launch anymore.
If the codec is uninstalled, then PE4.0 work again.

I would appreciate a solution, or a turn-around.

This is exacttly the same problem here
But I don' understand clearly what's the solution .


EDIT : 30' later
Understood : :D

move uvavi.vio in another directory.
it's works
thank's to the forum which give me the solution .

Any way to find the latst upgrade or patch for PE4.0 ?

thanks for your help.

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system works great from Oct 14 to Oct 30.
I still use it yesterday evening.

Today the problem appear again. When I click on the icon, PE4 start quickly, appear on the screen and immediatly disappear.

The only today's changes are
- overclock the processor
- Change memory
and that's all ; no software changes.

Uvavi.vio is still in the new directory and not in the old one.

I will appreciate any help.

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Possibly it doesn't like your processor being over clocked.
try returning the processor to the manufacturers recommended setting.

Same problem

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I have exactly the same problem : when I click on icon, something appens (the LED of hard disk is lighting), cursor change, and nothing else. I can't start program (ulead photo express 4.0 SE).
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The known problem consisting in UleadCalendarCheking or in other words: PE 2004 the appendix is not started watches current date as any more.