Hi friends, problem audio convert


Hi friends, problem audio convert

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im getting the error in 50% when i click in "burn" then start converting, when its start converting video, this appear ok, then its come to convert audio(at 50% start the audio convert), and then show the message "Operation Aborted"...

Anyone know what i have to do?
is an video in HDTV/AVI, sound in mpeg...

Have 3 videos on the dvd only the third one got the error... :S

Ty anyway friends and sorry my english, i bought the product in brazil but know a few about english...
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Welcome to the forum,

Check if the other 2 video's have exactly the same video and audio settings than the one giving the throuble. As the error is given at the start of the audio convertion I suspect the audio stream is corrupt.

BTW; fill in your system.

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If you have video editing software, you may be able to save the audio as a WAV file, and feed the WAV to DVD Workshop. Or, you may be able to save the file as DVD-compatible MPEG-2 with LPCM or Dolby audio. Then, Workshop will not need to convert your file. (Video Studio can generally do this, but if workshop is having trouble with your file, Video Studio may have trouble too...)

Or, you can try converting the file to DVD compatible MPEG-2 with SUPER (FREE!!!) or SVCD 2 DVD MPG (FREE!!!).
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