Image on Cube


Image on Cube

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I have been trying to figure out how I could add our company logo to a geometric cube. I successfully added the logo and it appeared just once as I wanted when the cube was its default size but when I increased the size of the cube the logo ended up appearing repeatedly rather than just as a single image. This occurred if I added the image before or after I increased the size of the cube. My logo file that I am trying to insert is a .jpg file.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Select the texture attribute in the attribute panel. There you will find 2 push-button icons that you can click to cause the texture image to stretch horizonally and vertically to the bounds of the object face(s) that you are working with. The icons are hard to describe and I'm not at my editing machine right now, so that's about all I can tell you. Sorry.

Hope that helps.

- Ken

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I believe it's the 3rd one under mapping in the attributes panel.
Hover over it and it should say resize.
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Is it possible to get 6 different photos on a cube? I can get 2 on then all subsequent photos are distorted. The same happens if I add 6 different textures.
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If you select one cube face at a time, and apply the six different textures, it should eventually work. Are your images square to start with?

The "Flat" wrap mode has to be selected, then those two buttons are active.

I had to fiddle with the "Normal" settings for each face, changing from X- etc to get them to show. One has to click those "fit to boundary" buttons for each face. But I did get a cube with 6 different images.
m rixon
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Thanks Viking .Worked a treat.Would never had thought to use the "Normal" button.I think I tried just about everyting else though.