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Canon 24-105 not recognized

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:35 pm
by mikmak
I have a Canon 24-105L lens for my Canon Camera. It is recognized if I use a crop camera such as 7D but NOT recognized if I use a 5D or 1D camera. I cannot figure out where in the lens database to correct this. I have modtified the database on several occations to add og modify lens parameters (mostly on my M4/3).

Here is the entry in the lens database - I have tried to change the 'Exif provider ID' , the 'Mount' & the 'Cropmultiplier' without any positive result.
<Lens raw="true" skip="false">
<Model>Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS</Model>
<Exif provider="Canon" id="493"/>
<FocalLength max="105" min="24"/>
<Converter factor="1" detected="false"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.00552" b="-0.02074" c="0" focal="24"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.00396" b="-0.01457" c="0" focal="28"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.00091" b="-0.00171" c="0" focal="35"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.00077" b="0.00096" c="0" focal="50"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.0016" b="0.0005" c="0" focal="70"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.00467" b="-0.00624" c="0" focal="88"/>
<RadialDistortion a="0.00797" b="-0.01307" c="0" focal="105"/>

Any ideas ??

Re: Canon 24-105 not recognized

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:15 pm
by mikmak
Spend hours to figure this out, and the solution showed to be VERY simple..................................

When ASP shows an uncalibrated lens or don't show it at all - and you know for sure it is in the lens database THEN load the database in the lens correction plugin. Then it all works with the corections you have made.