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Deleting thumbnails triggers an unexpected import

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:09 pm
by guertin
I'm using AfterShot Pro on Fedora Linux 31. My files are on a local SSD disk, and my system has 32GB RAM. I've had a persistent problem where deleting images too fast causes an unwanted re-import of the catalog.

Here's an example of the problem using today's batch to illustrate:

1. Import a folder of 589 images into a catalog. 589 images appear, and everything looks good.
2. Delete one thumbnail using the Delete key. That works as expected. I now have 588 images.
3. Repeat with another thumbnail. Now 587 images show. So far so good.
4. I can see the next two thumbnails are throwaways, so I hit Delete twice in quick succession, about one second apart. This triggers an import of the folder again. I see the files being imported, and now the catalog lists 1050 images instead of the expected 585. Most, but not all, of the thumbnails display an indicator that the image is a version (not master version), even though I have made no changes to any of the images.
5. I try to start over by deleting all the files with Ctrl-A > Delete. Ctrl-A shows 585 selected of 1050 image(s). After the files are deleted, the library folder is empty, but the status bar shows 465 image(s). I cannot delete the folder from the library because AfterShot Pro thinks it's not empty, even though it doesn't show any thumbnails.

Has anyone else encountered this, and maybe is there a workaround?

I never had this problem with AfterShot Pro 3.5. I've requested a link to downgrade, but I'm still waiting on that.