Severe degradation of click-white-balance quality in AfterSh

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Severe degradation of click-white-balance quality in AfterSh

Post by olegk »

Here is a text of support ticket I opened and got no response.
Any ideas would be welcome.

I've been using AftershotPro-1 to process ambient-light underwater photos, and it did really good job.
Now I had to switch to AftershotPro-3 to have my new camera supported.
I tried the new Aftershot with my old photos (from Sony Nex C3), and its click-white-balance algorithm appeared disappointing - up to the point of being useless.
To illustrate the issue, I'm attaching two screenshots:
- wb_asp_3.jpg - result of click-white-balance in AftershotPro-3
( ... _asp_3.jpg )
- wb_asp_1.jpg - result of feeding into AftershotPro-3 the values for color-temperature and color-tint obtained with the same RAW file in AftershotPro-1.
( ... _asp_1.jpg )

I think the problem with AftershotPro-3 is apparent - call it "undercorrection" or whatever.

Is there a way to make AftershotPro-3 produce the same more natural colors as AftershotPro-1 did?

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