Improving the Catalog Filename Search (ASP 2)

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Improving the Catalog Filename Search (ASP 2)

Post by lacey »

Aftershot Pro 2 (v2.1.1.9)
Regarding the filename Search field for the catalog (top of catalog pane):

1. It doesn't seem to accept wildcards, such as "*" and "?".

2. It doesn't limit the search to the selected Library folder.

If I want to see all JPEG files in just one catalog folder (I can enter "JPG," but not "*.JPG"), it finds every JPEG in the entire catalog, forcing me to visually search through all of them to find the few in the single folder that I actually want.

3. There is no easy way to clean up orphaned previews (the previews are still in the catalog, but the files they reference have been externally moved, renamed, or deleted). Orphaned previews do display a tiny red question mark in their lower right corner, but there's no easy way to select just these to remove them (I have to select them one at a time, or do a global search of the entire catalog--there's no way to search just for orphans, I can only search for filenames or filetypes, which finds every file in the catalog matching that criteria).

4. The sort field in the top toolbar does not allow sorting by filetype, only by filename. Sorting or searching by versions might be useful, too.
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Re: Improving the Catalog Filename Search (ASP 2)

Post by FalCT60 »

You might as well add : there is no way to move photos from a catalog to another.
But I doubt anyone will take it into account and add those features.
I hoped the new version would allow all this, but sadly not.
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