Aftershot Pro 3 hangs on output

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Aftershot Pro 3 hangs on output

Postby tdshepard » Wed May 15, 2019 7:02 pm

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone know of a solution?
I have thousands of jpeg and tiff images from scanning Kodachrome 25 slides and whenever I send any of the images to ANY output queue, the queue just freezes. It says 0 of 1 for the first image. If I drag it to the queue again, it says 0 of 2, if I manually invoke Run from the context menu, it goes to 0 of 3, etc. I have some older jpegs from another shoot that don't have this problem, which led me to suspect they were corrupt somehow. I downloaded and installed a jpeg repair app named Stellar Repair ( and ran it. It claimed to have repaired the jpegs. It did not. They still hang the output queue. Douglas King from Corel told me to do a clean re-install of my OS on my Mac Pro. I did that and also increased the flash storage to 1 TB and the memory to 64 GB. That did not solve the problem. Aftershot Pro 3 does work on RAW format files, such as the cr2 files made by my Canon EOS 40 D. Does anyone have any ideas?
I have ordered a rental scanner from which has a built-in Canon camera that saves the files in cr2 format. Seems like my best option. I will have to rescan all the slides, about 8000 total, and then process them all over in Aftershot Pro 3. I am currently taking legal action against Corel to get a refund of what I paid for Bibble Pro 5, Aftershot Pro 1, and Aftershot Pro 3.
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