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Hiding network drives

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 3:57 pm
by Rocker66
Hi all. I just switched over to AS Pro 3 from Lightroom and learning the program. One of the main features I like is being able to browse folders directly. But, with a caveat. I noticed when I start AS, it is really slow to open. I realized what was happening. I have network drives mapped which I use for work while connected to the VPN. If I'm not connected, it is searching until it "realizes" the drive isn't available. I have this problem with File Explorer if I accidentally click a drive without connecting. It's a pain but a necessity.

So, I need a way to hide these drive paths from AS. I thought I had seen a way of disabling particular folders/drives, but it must have been one of the other apps I was evaluating. Does anyone know of a way?

Thank you.