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How do I prevent AfterShot destroying detail on import?

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 10:39 am
by cheekibreeki
So the problem is this: AS3 loses image detail in import/preview generation, and it cannot be recovered by the editing tools.

In this example, the highlights get crushed. As shown in the image 1 which presents the image before AS generates preview, there clearly is colour detail in the highlights, but as soon as the image is imported and preview generated, the highlights get crushed. So what gives? Image number 3 is the same raw file imported to RawTherapee, which correctly retains highlight information. Are there some initial settings applied to images on import/preview generation and can I prevent these settings from being applied?

1. Aftershot preview before import

2. AfterShot preview after import

3. RawTherapee preview