ASP 3 ,Pentax K3 & lens recognition

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ASP 3 ,Pentax K3 & lens recognition

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Its well known that the Pentax K3 is not a very new box. After the birth of ASP 3, it took months before the files of the K 3 were supported by ASP 3 (although they were supported by ASP 2....).But the lens are not recognised by ASP 3 (including ASP 3.3). That's not useful as you must always select manually the brand, the box and the lens after cheating on the name on the box (you must select K 3 II as K 3 is unknown). The problem is not corrected by Corel since the first days of ASP 3. I think it is a to hard problem to solve for the technicians and engineers of Corel.
After some months of work (very hard) and lot of consults of universities big brains, I can give you and give Corel the solution of this bug so difficult to solve: I join to this message a file lens-cameras-db.xml in which I add at the end two entries for the Pentax K 3.
For Linux users this file is to copy in /opt/AfterShot3/supportfiles/Profiles/LensProfiles. You must be root to proces. And save or rename the original, in case...
For Windows it is to copy in c:\Program files\corel\Corel AfterShot Pro 3\supportfiles\Profiles\LensProfiles. And save or rename the original, in case...
Sory I don't know where to find the file on Mac.

I permit Corel to use this file free of charge and hope that their engineers will agree for the solution I found for such a big and difficult to kill bug.

I hope Corel representatives reading this have sense of french humour, because I think that not doing such a little thing when you buy a software is really "du foutage de gueule"'. And now Corel doesn't have any excuse not to correct this &$!*#@%!µ* bug, as it is very annoying to have to correct a file each time the program is modified, witch (un)fortunately doesn't occurs frequently.

Hope this can help Pentax users of ASP.

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