Brilliant idea for Corel / ASP

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Brilliant idea for Corel / ASP

Post by Kneops »

I just also sent this to Corel via their Facebook page, out of frustration, but also I thought this was a good idea.

Why don't Corel turn the way it works now 180 degrees and make ASP free software that can be downloaded by everyone. And then, let people pay for camera support and profiles. Did you buy a new camera? Two new cameras? Then you can go the Corel site and pay a fixed sum ($ 15.00 or $ 20.00? ) for each of the two camera profiles you download. This way Corel would perhaps be much more motivated to create new camera profiles, because each one will generate money. And by making ASP itself free software, it would get much more attention. People that only buy a new camera every four or five years would gladly pay 20 dollars, and professionals that have five cameras or more would not mind paying a small amount of money for a good camera profile.

The advantages for the user would be that they always have access to the latest version of the software, every year, no payed upgrades necessary, and that they only pay for the camera(profiles) they want to use. For Corel it would also mean more money in the end, because of each sold profile. It works a bit like premium addons in Wordpress plugins. The plugin itself is free, thus distributed widely. If you want a specific feature, you can buy an addon for just that feature. Ofourse this would mean that there has to be some base functionality and profiles present in ASP, but that could be profiles of camera's that are older than 5 years or so.

I like the idea myself :wink: , but probably there are things I haven't thought about.
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