Keywords in XMP files

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Keywords in XMP files

Post by madbrain »

I also use Lightroom CC for its face recognition, which is a free feature even after the end of the 7-day (!) trial.

The name of the person gets added as a keyword. For every file type other than DNG, keywords get added to sidecar XMP files.

I have found that for JPG files, Lightroom and Aftershot use the same XMP file. If I add a keyword in Lightroom, it is then visible in Aftershot

This is however not true for CR2 files - RAW files from Canon cameras. The reason is that the 2 programs decided to use different names for the sidecar XMPs. I don't know if there is any standard for this. In any case, here is an example :

D:\Documents\Pictures\2012\06>dir 2012-06-22_19*
Volume in drive D is HUGE
Volume Serial Number is 1E28-A722

Directory of D:\Documents\Pictures\2012\06

06/21/2012 23:15 25,212,119 2012-06-22_19.CR2
05/28/2015 07:39 10,635 2012-06-22_19.CR2.xmp
01/25/2017 04:46 4,477 2012-06-22_19.xmp

2012-06-22_19.CR2.xmp is from Aftershot.
Keywords are in

2012-06-22_19.xmp is from Lightroom.
This contains :
to denote that it applies to the CR2 file.

Keywords are in

Is there any chance for reconciliation between the two programs using the same XMP ? Or maybe just Aftershot being able to recognize/import the Lightroom XMP so that keywords are available.
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