Borderless photo printing and other printing questions

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Borderless photo printing and other printing questions

Post by madbrain »

I recently acquired a Canon Pixma Pro-100 . Like most inkjet photo printers, it supports borderless printing.

My question is, how can I do a borderless print in Aftershot Pro (1, 2 or 3 - I have licenses to all) ?

1) When I try to print, and click "page settings", I can select the paper size and the tray. But the margins are always greater than 0.
2) Also, the page settings doesn't "take", if I select 4x6 for example and click OK, and go back to "page settings", it is back A3, the default.
3) I also don't see any of way of accessing printer-specific settings from within Aftershot - such as paper type, whether it's a color or b&w print, the borderless option, etc.
These only appear after clicking "print", but that is much too late - they should be accessible before, especially the borderless option, and paper size.

So far, I have resorted to exporting the photo to Paintshop pro X9 with CTRL-E for external editor. I can print borderless properly from there.
But this creates a brand new TIFF file each time, which is added to the catalog. I have to manually remove it afterwards. I just shouldn't have to do that.

Is there a usable way to print borderless photos in Aftershot ?
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