ASP3 underexposes CR2 for Canon 6D -- RESOLVED

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ASP3 underexposes CR2 for Canon 6D -- RESOLVED

Post by kumsa »

It's taken me a little time to be sure that I wasn't messing with a camera setting, so I did a lot of testing.

PROBLEM: Setting an exposure and reading a histogram is dependent on the camera's jpg rendering (even if I'm only using the CR2 RAW files). ASP3 is underexposing the RAW, when I'm relying on the camera's histogram. Other raw editors do not show an EV difference between the same CR2 and JPG images.

- The difference between JPG and CR2 is not due to the style rendering selected for JPG (e.g., portrait, standard, custom). I tried multiple variations, and captured my images with both JPG/RAW. The CR2 in ASP2 is always underexposed as compared to the matching JPG.

- RawTherapee showed no EV difference between CR2 and JPG, and it didn't matter from Linux to Windows.

- Canon's DPP 4.3 showed no EV difference between CR2 and JPG

- Lightroom showed no EV difference between CR2 and JPG


* I've continued to evaluate my initial assessment, and I'm no longer confident that ASP3 is actually misreading the EV for RAW images.
* RAWTHERAPEE -- a closer examination of RAWTHERAPEE, shows that it automatically makes an EV adjustment when presenting a RAW image. It's sort of like the "Perfectly Clear" being on by default.
* CAPTURE ONE 9, is probably the highest quality RAW editor available. So, I checked my images with it, and Capture One 9 mirrored the behavior of ASP3.
* Based on those two editors, I'm willing to accept that ASP3 EV of CR2 files is within the industry range. I'm guessing that Canon and Adobe also do some auto-exposure as default.

Overall, I find ASP3's speed, layers and plugins to make for a highly effective editor.
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