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Bad Math when sizing DVD

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:53 pm
by zforray
I have an mpg file that is 4.06GB in size - below a standard DVD-5 size.

When generating the DVD-ISO for this video, I get the message about it being tooo big for a standard DVD-5 and asks if I want to "make it fit". I said yes and it shrunk it down to 3.43GB ISO, thus reducing the video quality.

I felt this was not correct so I then had DVDMF7se create a DVD folder.

Well, as I figured, the DVD folder size totals to 4.12GB. So I used Nero to create a DVD from the folder, with no problems fitting to regular DVD-5.

What is it with the computation of the DVD size? If I was closer to 4.2GB or 4.3GB, I could understand the "guesstimate" but this is quite a bit from the full / max size of a DVD-5.

Re: Bad Math when sizing DVD

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:28 pm
by Trevor Andrew

I assume your Mpeg 2 file is DVD compliant.
How long is it in minutes?

1 / From the first window check the details under the Settings and Options icon (lower left) – Preferences (F6)
Make sure that the TV System matches your video file, Pal or Ntsc?

2 / Add your video file
Check your video properties by selecting the “I” button Show Media Clip Information
What are they?

3 / Check the “Options Cogwheel”
Make sure “Do Not Convert Compliant MPEG files” is selected.
4 / Make sure DVD 4.7Gb is selected

5 / Check the file size using the Green bar to the bottom of the window.
Use the figures in the (brackets) (4.3 Gb max.)

Does the size bar show just green or is there some yellow?

If you are on the limit (a little yellow showing) change the Menu Template, Smart Scene uses a lot. .. Try Thumbnails.