nimbus or other emphasis effects?

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nimbus or other emphasis effects?

Post by tr888 »

I need an effect that will attract the viewer's eye to a particular player on the field in a video of a soccer game, where a dozen or more players are in view simultaneously and the numbers on the jerseys are too small to be legible.

I am very new to video editing and don't even know the terminology or what's feasible--but a circle drawn around the player, or an arrow pointing at the player, or even a label over his head, would do. It has to be visible for about two seconds.

A more sophisticated effect would be something I saw on the Friday Night Lights show; there was a scene in which people were watching a game video where a nimbus or halo surrounds a player and stays with him as he moves around on the field. It looked as though a circular area had been defined around the player, with the region inside the circle made brighter than the rest of the moving image on the screen.

Are either of these approaches possible with DS2010?

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Re: nimbus or other emphasis effects?

Post by teknisyan »

Unfortunately, you may not be able to achieve this using DIGITAL STUDIO 2010. I suggest that you try VideoStudio Pro X4, since it has a more advanced editing feature than Digital Studio 2010.

You can download the trial of VS X4 at
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