So Studio Express can't handle FLIP videos?

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So Studio Express can't handle FLIP videos?

Post by FilmCriticOne »

After four HOURS with tech support, they tell me that Corel Video Studio express doesn't work with a FLIP camera. They tech guy didn't know that, and we tried everything.

Finally he talked to someone - sorry, he said, Studio Express doesn't work with FLIP. Don't worry, you can download the 90 dollar version, and it will work fine. Good luck getting your money back from Walmart.

So I downloaded the 90 dollar Corel program -- SAME THING. DIdn't work either. Disgusted, I tried to uninstall my Corel programs. Naturally they hung up during the uninstall.

I'm going to buy new video camera anyway, but Corel should have told people this up front. If there is a fix for this, please advise.
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Re: So Studio Express can't handle FLIP videos?

Post by Ron P. »

Welcome to the forum, :)

VS Express or Digital Studio 2010 are not worth the pixels used to display them over the internet. VS X4 Pro, the current release of VS, which is many times better, still has some problems with the Flip videos, mainly the frame rates. The 50/60fps (frames per second) poses a problem. It's a new enough technology, and software programs have not been able to catch up yet.

You might consider VS X4, but forget about the Express/Digital Studio stuff. I know they would love people to buy it, and some obviously have, and it suits their purpose. Most find that the programs are sluggish, and are very limited in their capabilities.

To Uninstall:
Corel KB 000004634 wrote: 000004634 - How to remove Corel Digital Studio Suite 2010 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 using Clean-Up utility?

Log on to a user account with administrative privileges since ''Limited'' or ''Power User'' accounts won't let Corel software install, uninstall, or run properly.
Disable your anti-virus/spyware, and firewall during this clean re-installation procedure.
There are three (3) options to uninstall the software:
On the Windows task bar, click on Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall the programs. Select Corel Digital Studio 2010 from the list(s), and choose Uninstall/Change.
Use the installer itself to remove the program. Launch the installer and it will automatically detect the existing installation of the program. Choose to remove the program when prompted.
Use the Clean-up utility to remove the program.
Launch your Internet browser and download CDS 2010 Clean-Up ver1.8.exe from the attached file below.
Double-click on CDS 2010 Clean-Up ver1.8.exe to launch the Clean-Up utility.
Check Corel Digital Studio from the list of applications.
Click on NEXT. You will be asked to create a log of the uninstall process before you can proceed.
Click on Yes; wait until the clean-up utility finishes the uninstall process. Uninstalling this application using CDS 2010 Clean-Up ver1.8.exe will take several minutes.

NOTE: You can undo the clean boot and return your computer to normal after the clean uninstall procedure.

NOTE: The CDS 2010 Clean-Up ver1.8.exe only uninstalls PaintShop Photo Express 2010 Standalone, VideoStudio Express 2010 Standalone and Corel Digital Studio Suite 2010. This utility will not uninstall Corel WinDVD 2010 included in Corel Digital Studio Suite 2010, Corel WinDVD 2010 Standard Standalone and Corel WinDVD Pro 2010 Standalone.
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