keep getting erorrs

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keep getting erorrs

Post by shoegal »

I just bought Corel VideoStudio Express 2010. I am not really impressed so far. Everytime I start it up I get an error within 4 minutes! It says "Error- Corel VideoStudio is not working anymore. A solution to this problem is being searched" but I never get a solution... Can someone help me out and tell me what the problem is? My computerguy told me my computer is up-to-date enough to run this program so that should not be the problem. Otherwise I'm going back to the store to get my money back.
I really hope someone can help me out.

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Re: keep getting erorrs

Post by Ken Berry »

I am moving your post to a more appropriate forum... But welcome to the Board nonetheless!! :lol:

In fact, I think the best idea is indeed to take the program back for a refund -- though good luck, since shops are usually unwilling to take back software which has already been open and installed. Most of us here think that particular program -- and the complete Corel Digital Studio 2010 to which it belongs -- is not really worth the disc it is printed on! :evil: It is slow, erratic, very basic but template and menu driven. You would be far better off downloading and trying out the trial version of the program's 'big brother' -- Video Studio X4 which has recently been released.
Ken Berry
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Re: keep getting erorrs

Post by TangentVector »


I think it is important for you to know that you are one in a group of many who have problems with this software, and that Ken is very accurate when he says to give something else a try. This is a Corel board, and for the most part we try to support the software with a positive outlook. This can't be said for Video Studio Express..
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