DVD Movie Factory 2010 - burning blu-ray disk

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DVD Movie Factory 2010 - burning blu-ray disk

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I'm having problems burning a movie together with a simple menu on a blu-ray disk.

The movie file is perfect, very good quality and can be viewed with the relevant software.

However, when trying to add a menu to the movie using DVD Factory Pro 2010 or Movie Factory 7 SE I get only the menu burned on the BD. In the preview before the burning process both the menu and, after pressing the enter button, the movie is shown.
I tried almost anything possible to combine the movie with the menu (only the main menu, no sub menus).

On another BD disk I burned both the menu and the movie. They are on the disk but only the menu is played in an endless mode. When hitting the enter button or clicking on the start icon the movie is not started. I can start the movie only when in Windows Explorer changing to STREAMS and clicking on the movie file, the file is in AVCHD format, because I let the program produce a DVD file version.

I hope one of the experts in this forum can give me a hint what to do to overcome this problem. Looks like I made a mistake during the process. But since I burned already five BD disks ready to be thrown into the paper basket I don't like not continue with experiments ...

Thanks and kind regards,

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