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Welcome to Photography Class

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:36 am
by sjj1805
This Web Board is primarily concerned with Photography and Videography.
Other than the obvious "I am having a problem with (this piece of Corel Software) - the Web Board also provides various tutorials which have either been created by Corel, Members of this Web Board or are simply links to existing material on the internet.

Members of this Web Board use their equipment to capture the raw material later used by the Corel software - such as PhotoImpact, PaintShop Pro or one of the Video Editing suites. One thing that up until now appears to have been lacking is "How to get it right in the first place."

What are all those controls on a DSLR.
How do you compose a shot.
What is Depth Of Field
What is Aperture Priority Mode
What is Shutter Priority Mode
How do you take pictures at night without using your flash.
What is a histogram and how do you use it.
What is RAW.

The purpose of this forum is for members to share with each other explanations of these and other terms and to describe how to take better pictures. Now instead of using the Corel software to correct mistakes, you will be able to use that software to be creative.

If you know of a good tutorial site please share it.
Fancy a bash at writing a tutorial or showing off a photograph and then explaining how it was taken - please share it.