DivX 6 Codec - VideoStudio X2.

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DivX 6 Codec - VideoStudio X2.

Post by sjj1805 »

etech6355 wrote:Ken,
If it helps, I have Divx 6 retail installed.
Under the \Program Files\Corel\Corel VideoStudio 12\ directory
I renamed the DivX_ul.dll to DivX_ul.dll_VS12_Distro
This way VS12 doesn't see & use it's own divx distributed file.

I can now use my Retail version of Divx 6 in VS12_X2 Pro to make Movie Templates or export via "Share -> Custom etc"
This is using XP Home 32bit, the file may be in another location if running XP64 bit or Vista64 bit.
But try renaming the DivX_ul.dll file that's distributed with VS12 so VS12 doesn't use it and uses the retail version.

Mine shows up as Divx 6.8.4 Codec (4 Logical CPU's)

I have also forwarded this to Corel for their information.
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Post by mitcs0ke »

I just installed VS Pro X2 and had to modify the Divx dll
to use my retail version. Works fine now
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Post by laurentje »

I installed today VS12 X2 PRO. I did not found the divx_ul.dll file in the directory. Only in the cab file "VS-Installation Files\Data1.cab"

I can compress to divx-files with the divx-encoder.

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