Do I get a FREE Upgrade?

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Do I get a FREE Upgrade?

Post by sjj1805 »

Question: "I recently bought an item of Ulead software and they have now released a new version -
Do I get a Free Upgrade?"

This has been raised many times following the release of other products.
You do get free updates within a version
e.g. VideoStudio 10.001 to VideoStudio 10.002
You do not get a free upgrade to a new version
e.g. VideoStudio 10 to VideoStudio 11

The question of whether or not this is the best way to conduct business has also been raised many times and their are arguments for and against providing a free upgrade.

I suppose there are two ways of looking at it.

1. You pay more for your original product and then are eligible for free updates of new versions for a certain period of time, perhaps 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, life.

2. If option 1 was implemented then we would undoubtedly have the same number of complaints from other users who will say "But I am happy with what I have got, I don't need all the new extras and so they should have sold it to me cheaper without these constant updates."

I guess whichever way you decide to push your product you are going to be in a no win situation.

One way round it would be to have a basic fee for a single purchase and an enhanced fee for future proofing and get 'free' updates.
However that too would be prone to disaster. what happens to your 'Free updates' if another takeover takes place - there were two in the last 12 months with Intervideo and then Coral. the lawyers would have a field day in the civil cases where users try to hold a new company to a contract by a company that no longer exists.

In the case of another takeover the new company would no doubt already have a number of their own products performing similar functions and the management of that company may decide to drop a few products including yours.

I guess we just have to accept that these things are decisions made by the software company and decide for ourselves when a new release comes out whether to stick with what we have or to get the latest version.

Remember, when a new version comes out the old one that you already have doesn't suddenly stop working. Also users of previous versions are given a discount on an upgrade rather than having to pay the full price for a new version.