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And hello from me

Post by Zippy »

OK - so I'm confused now! I've been posting merrily for a short while now, and have just received a message to say I've been approved!?

So were my previous posts visibly to me only!? Who knows! :?

Anyway - Zippy - from the UK. Spend most of my time trying to avoid computers (as I work with them), and yet I'm more than happy to sit down infront of a copy of ulead for hours! Tend to make short "edutainment" style films - all in HD, and generally related to either caving (spelunking), volcano chasing or mine exploration...
"The world is a book. Those who do not travel read only one page". Saint Augustine.
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New Member?

Post by WestbrookNH »

For some reason I was told to post as a new member within 24 hours or lose my membership.

Anyway, here I am.

61 yo, married for 32 years, 11 children, 8 grandchildren. gazillions of photos.

Create a DVD once a year for family and friends, and various videos to entertain the children and family.
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Post by manuelprosario »

my name is Manuel P Rosario from the Philippines, i am using photoimpact since XL and stuck to it because i like it so much, inspite of some features missing but i can live with it.

I am a retired civil engineer and my hobby now is photography to make me busy.

Post by michaelshk »

Well, my name is Michael, currently residing in New York, was born in the former USSR in 1952, came to America in 1979, and worked as an electrical engineer for about 6 years. Bought my first camera and a VCR in 1980 and fell in love with videography (that word wasn¡¦t even invented back then) lol
My first computer was Amiga 1000, then 2000 with Toaster and eventually Amiga 4000 with Video Toaster with 60MB !!! hard drive and 12MB of RAM!!! Amazing, isn¡¦t it?
Currently editing with Avid Liquid 7.2, shooting HD with Sony EX-1, using Ulead Cool 3D for titles and Movie Factory 6 Plus for DVD creations.
That¡¦s about it.
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Greetings from the GWN

Post by HJ »

Hello from the Great White North aka Canada.

As a newbie I hope to learn a few things by participating here. Generally I find that fora provide more creative solutions to specific problems than what one finds in the KBs and the manuals. :wink:


Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC Canada
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Post by Dethroner »

For some reason I was told to post as a new member within 24 hours or lose my membership. Strangely, I have been registered here for a few years.

I am using MediaStudio Pro since version 6.0 and DVD Workshop since 1.0.
Sadly, Corel is not going to do any further development on these products, that's why I haven't visited this forum for a long time.
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Post by Dobs »

My name is Darren. I'm 29 year old computer programmer from Michigan (and am cursed to be a Detroit Lions fan). I primarily do Java web development, so my interest in video editing is merely a hobby. I primarily work with MF 6 and CyberLink PowerDirector 7.
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Post by asjr_4584 »

Hi My name is Allan and I'm from the land of the orient pearl, the Philippines. I am 24 years old and I love Corel products, especially Video Studio. I am one of the contestants of the past contest entitled "Welcome to My HomeTown"; You can check my entry here:


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Post by borissytch »

my name is Alex. I am an actor an I live in Quebec. I use MF for my homevideos
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Post by Venito »

Bueno, aqui voy yo:
Mi nombre es Venancio Militar, y soy aficionado al photo impact desde hace tiempo, estoy trabajando en una empresa servicios personales de jardineria, y en mi ratos libres me gusta editar fotografias o tratar de hacer algo diferente en cada foto que me gusta.
Apenas soy nuevo en esto pero ya de antemano les digo que esoty aprendiendo mucho en este foro.
saludos a todos :D
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Post by ankna »

Welcome to this group.
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Post by harhash »

I'm a great fan of ulead and hence corel... I used their video editing software for as long as 10 years and they never failed me... they keep improving overtime as well.... welcome to this message board
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Post by cmega »

Hi - I do mostly audio, but some video DVD creation using video supplied by others. I'm not a video guy, don't know the terminology, formats, and can't tell blueray from bluefish. Always looking for that ideal solution of cheap, good, flexible, and fast for DVD menu creation. Have had some success w/Ulead, but I'm overly critical and always think "there's got to be a better way..." :^)
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Post by dr_bernie »

Hello All.

I am dr_bernie. I'm not a doctor, and my name is not Bernie, but this is the pseudo I use very often.

I use many of Corel/Ulead products: Painter X, UVS 11.5/Pro X2, C3D PS, C3D 3.5 and GIF Animator.

See you in the forums.

:) :) :) :)
Mike Warren
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Post by Mike Warren »

Greetings! So... I must introduce myself. My name is Mike Warren and I spend 6 months of every year in Asia visiting my foster kids and filming. I attempt to make documentaries on the crisis today's children and youth are facing world-wide. Being relatively new at video editing, I must often come to this great forum for help... where I have always experienced good, sincere people eagar to assist. I'm age 66, and live alone on Long Island in New York. And as I implied, I see todays' troubled and emotionally starved kids as the only future we have. So to this end, I use my poor camcorder and video editing and am deeply indebted to all for their help.
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