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Change the workspace color

Post by Jean-Luc »

Five years ago, in the French independent user group, was proposed a method for modifying the colors of the workspace. There was a discussion here about that experimental feature:

A few weeks ago, Spitfrog in the same French group, proposed a more finished work. He completed the job, turning the Complete workspace into pink (only the Edit interface):
If you want to test it, here are the two files to run if you have PSP 2021 (tested on Windows 10).
(1.29 MiB) Downloaded 13 times
If you own a previous version of PSP, go to the French forum (use Google web translate), and load the appropriate .reg file for your version:

The Light_rose.reg file modifies some PSP keys in the registry. After running it, return to your PSP (no need to launch it again) and click on User interface/Workspace Color/Light gray. The Light_rose.reg file will replace the light grey values.

The Light_original.reg file reverses the process and acts like an undo. After running it, your registry will return to its initial state, without harm.

If someone has the patience to create a light blue workspace or another color, post it here.
Have fun! :-)
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