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Discussion on Animation Shop

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AlicatArt wrote:I would like to see more options for the pictopainting, and if we can add our own images for an option if possible. I would also like to an animation program using frames, like the old animations shop, and/or maybe more options on photo Mirage to make it a bit more like Animations shop using frames?

When I install a new version it asks if I want to auto update content from the previous versions. When ever I have tried it does not do it. I would be good to remember previous purchases with our logins and also update brushes, masks, tubes etc......using the same path as the previous installed versions. (I have several previous versions installed). I have just switched to a new PC, and re added my PSP programs, and logins, but it assumes I am a new customer, yet I have a document history of all previous programs purchased. (I guess this is done manually?)
Concerning animation shop, why not just use animation shop 3? I use windows 10 version 1909 and it still works for me?
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