PSP U2020 XMP files

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PSP U2020 XMP files

Post by decastar »

Hello, newbie here.

I'm trying to save edits I make to RAW files in PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020. In the documentation ( ... files.html) it says:

Working with XMP files
XMP files are metadata sidecar files that accompany RAW files. They are a standard way of saving edits without changing the original RAW file...
To save edits to XMP files
•In the Manage workspace, right-click one or more RAW photo thumbnails, and choose RAW Metadata > Save Metadata To File.

However, this does not seem to save any of the edits I make in the Edit tab - only the metadata of the original RAW file.

How do I get this procedure to get the edits I make in the Edit tab to be recognised in the Manage tab so they can be saved in the XMP file?

A related question - when I right-click a thumbnail of a RAW file in the Manage tab, there are 2 edit options - Edit Photo and Edit RAW. What is the difference between them? As far as I can tell, they do exactly the same thing (see attachment).

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