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Re: [Sticky] -- What Do You Like/Not Like About PSP 2021

Post by SJS »

migf1 wrote:
Sat Feb 06, 2021 11:32 am
Shokakusan wrote:
Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:43 pm
What's with resize and AI Powered?

So as a user who has replaced PSP 2018 with PSP 2021, I am bewildered by the resize function defaulting to AI Powered and FREQUENTLY switching back to AI Powered. In PSP 2018, I used bicubic for 90% of my work and then used SmartSize for the occasional, problematic, resizing.

Given that AI Powered resizing takes anywhere from 10 to 40 seconds in comparison to Bicubic taking 1-5 seconds, I see no reason to have to constantly switch back to Bicubic when I want to resize images. I've discovered that if I accidentally start a resize with AI Powered, I can hit the Esc key and use Bicubic mode faster than it would take for AI Powered mode to finish! Yikes!

PSP 2021 should remember the last resample mode used and present that mode upon the next resize.
I think it defaults to AI Resize only when the targeted dimensions are bigger than the current ones (even when they come from the last use). Otherwise, it defaults to Bicubic.

I agree that it should keep the Last Used mode.
It find that it defaults to AI Resize often, and I am rarely enlarging generally reducing! Also the AI mode does not display the All Layers or Aspect Ratio settings and these seem to be unpredictable. This a REAL annoyance/problem for me.
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Re: [Sticky] -- What Do You Like/Not Like About PSP 2021

Post by Trst001 »

I have used PSP since versions 2 or 3, when it was made by Jasc.

What I like about PSP 2021 is that faster and feels familiar to me even if the interface / dialogues could have done some fixing up. Use you time to fix that instead of all the different workspace that is useless to me. Opens them once and never again...
An improved RAW develop module with stronger options for highlight and shadow recovery would be very welcome. Or even better, let the manage interface link to a third party RAW developer.
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