[Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

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[Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by Ken Berry »

Add your requests for what you would like to see included in the next version of PSP.

PLEASE keep the topic free from discussions and critiques on why someone's idea is feasible or not. This will make it easier for the Corel team to read through and extract ideas.

Discussions will be removed/relocated from this topic.
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by Marco73 »

I'd love to see Geotagging options return.
I understand that Corel can't (or doesn't want to) use Google Maps anymore, but please give us that formular fields to enter the coordinates manually.
Jeff Eggers
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by Jeff Eggers »

I'd love to see a configuration option where we could choose for feature controls to default to zero or current image state instead of last-used.
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by AlicatArt »

I would like to see more options for the pictopainting, and if we can add our own images for an option if possible. I would also like to an animation program using frames, like the old animations shop, and/or maybe more options on photo Mirage to make it a bit more like Animations shop using frames?

When I install a new version it asks if I want to auto update content from the previous versions. When ever I have tried it does not do it. I would be good to remember previous purchases with our logins and also update brushes, masks, tubes etc......using the same path as the previous installed versions. (I have several previous versions installed). I have just switched to a new PC, and re added my PSP programs, and logins, but it assumes I am a new customer, yet I have a document history of all previous programs purchased. (I guess this is done manually?)
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by fs999 »

- Full TIF Zip and CCITT 4 compression support
- Better RAW converter (with shadow and highlight recovery, vignetting reduction, more lens corrections with own samples like in Aftershot)
- Camera RAW Lab context menu when disabled in manage or complete mode
- Better HSL dialog (like Lr with colours sliders) with three tabs H, S and L
- Better hue map (horizontal with +/- 0 position) perhaps integrated in the HSL dialog
- More layers blend modes
- Lr template converter
- FLIF or JPEG XL format support (open and save)
- Better Exif informations like Exiftools...
- RGB to layers and back
- CMYK to layers and back
- Close and open groups of layers in PSPScript
- Geotagging (at least copy-paste of tags)
- AI masking
- Remembering what was the last selected photo of a folder in Organizer
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by ADonahoo »

Put the autosave back to 5 minutes
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by Ravelli »

PSP is my daily bread since 1992. I use it professionally and private, nowadays for texturing virtual worlds and in web design. I'm still using PSP 2019, because the last updates were not attractive enough paying for.

My wishes are:
- Feature to disable all(!) ads (still receiving ads without a checkbox to disable it)
- Settings for messages and ads should be moved into the main Preferences/Settings window.
- Fixing and improving the switch of UI language, without the need of PSP restart and destroying of entire workspace (required while making tutorials and for talking to other PSP users)
- Improving rendering performance
- Better and more vector manipulation tools
- More creative and realistic effects, some of the existing effects could be improved massively
- Bringing back the old basic crop tool as option
- Generators for textures, materials and normal maps
- Grouping of guides and toggling those groups
- One combined export window for web formats (PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, WebP, SVG), with the format stored in custom presets, so we can export faster into target format, depending on the project we are working on. The format settings can be grouped into tabs.
- Full SVG support, including saving/exporting them. Needed in particular to export vector shapes to make graphics for websites.
- Custom shapes for Inner/Outer Bevel
- Exporting of WebP files with all settings possible (currently one can save a WebP file without any settings available)
- Fixing the bugs and issues I already reported (I don't report anymore because Corel support was very rude to me)
- One unique version number: PSP 2019 has the internal version number, which is confusing. The internal version number should be the only one.
- A community driven Wiki for the PSP Scripting API, but hosted on corel.com
- Layer protection, or Selectable/Unselectable flag, to avoid underlying layer are accidentally moved or otherwise modified
- Drag&Drop of multiple selected folders and files into the batch converter
- After running batch converter it should stay open without loosing my settings, so I still have a chance to change them, if output is not ok.
- A tool to generate CSS Image Sprites directly from selected vector shapes or layers in the file.
- Information about developing own plugins is required.
- Finally, Corel should give up developing PSP and publish the code under an open-source licence. Since Corel took over from Jasc, PSP is getting worse update by update. Changes made in recent years are mostly cosmetic, and development is far behind of what is needed.
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by Good_Punk »

HDR image support (with tone-mapping)
.JXR and .AVIF file support
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Re: [Sticky] -- Wishlist for PSP 2022

Post by amylquefez »

The return of the automatic self-saving of 5 minutes.
Compatibility with plugins.
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