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[Sticky] -- PaintShop Pro Hot Fixes

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The Following Hotfix is for saving PSD crash issue
by josephlin » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:41 am
Dear PSP user,

As you may know, after PSP2020 Go Live and a few users encounter a crash issue when they try to save their document as *.PSD format. Corel noticed this situation and already resolved the crash issue. The fix will be included with Update 1 release later this year but we understood *.PSD file saving is quite important for some user who needs it. Thus, we've generated a hotfix and would like to share with the user who needs it via the forum.

You can download the hotfix from the link below and just d-click to install it.

Hotfix: http://dwnld.paintshoppro.com/updates/2 ... Hotfix.exe

Please noted the hotfix only can work with the PSP2020 retail version ( and the version number won't be changed after installation. Thank you for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience.

The Following Hotfix is for the Cropping Issue
josephlin wrote:Hello PSP users,

Happy New Year! Thank you for your patient. In fact, we noticed this cropping issue in November of 2018 but the resource is very tight to resolve it in a short time. As you may know, we are working the next PSP version and do really spend all of our time on it. Finally, we got time to investigate this cropping issue and correct it. In order to make this error could be resolved soon, we would like to offer a hotfix through our customer service/support team. As long as the user reported a similar cropping issue and our customer service/support team will share the hotfix.

However, I would like to share the same hotfix here to the user who visited the forum frequently and ask your help to forward the hotfix to the user who encountered the same cropping issue as far as possible.

Please download the hotfix from the Dropbox link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryhdo3f96lk60 ... x.exe?dl=0

PS: Before you install the hotfix, please ensure your PSP2019 version is up-to-date. It means the update 1 was installed. If you still not install update 1 version, please visit (https://www.paintshoppro.com/en/support/updates/) to download it.

Thank you for all your attention and understanding. Let me know if you encounter any problem. :)
For those interested here is a link to the original topic. viewtopic.php?f=56&t=63700
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Re: [Sticky] -- 2020 Cannot save except for .pspimage

Post by lata »

PSP 2020 Cannot save except for .pspimage

A hot fix has been provided by Corel as a .exe file attached
http://dwnld.paintshoppro.com/updates/2 ... Hotfix.exe

This post refers:-

Please do not apply this fix if you are not experiencing problems saving images.
Regards Trevor