PSP2018U uninstalled - PSP2019U untouched!

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PSP2018U uninstalled - PSP2019U untouched!

Post by iraisok »

I uninstalled PaintShop Pro 2018U using my trusty Revounistaller Pro (the free version does the job also). I was concerned about a warning something like "ICA ... common to ... are in the same folder..." Don't know what ICA means but since I could easily restore my HD from an Acronis image, I allowed Revo to proceed. As usual, it starts by executing the application uninstall program. No issues. Revo then searches for registry key related to the application being deleted. There were two upper level keys- one for PSP2018 (that Corel's uninstall program did NOT delete) and another upper level set of keys for PSP2019. I made certain PSP2019U was unchecked then proceeded. Then, Revo presented all folders and files (that the Corel uninstall program did NOT delete) and deleted those.

Next, I selected Corel Painter Essentials 5, a separate installation that is unique to the PSP2018U installation. This means all other applications 3rd party or otherwise are common to 2019U, accessed as plugin's in 2019 or runs outside of PSP2019U that I did not unistall.

Next, I inspected Programs Files, Program Data, Program Files x86, Users, my Win user name, App Data, Local and Roaming for remnants of PSP2018U or PE5. None were found. I can dig into the Registry further but I risk an "Ah S__T" (remember I just got "Ten Att Boys" From my real working world of the past - Systems Engineering - One "Ah S__T" blows away "Ten Att Boys." There would be little gained even if I found a few more reg keys to KILL OFF."

While others prefer to have multiple releases of PSP installed and same for other complex applications, I prefer run with one of kind and it has nothing to do with HD space. I have lots. It has more to do with the size and time to create a single/max compressed Acronis image. And it runs rather quickly these days. I will retain the Acronis image that includes the PSP2018U and PE5 with PSP2019U package awhile.

Finally, I tested PSP2019U and plugins and others apps. Everything works.
PSP 2019U with its goodies, GFRX, Corel Painter 2019, Topaz ReMask, Photo Mirage, BenVista PhotoZoom 7 and a few personal scripts.
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