Old old bugs still in PSP 2019

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Old old bugs still in PSP 2019

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My first PSP experience was X6 and I liked the concept of Adjust tab with a "film stripe" in the bottom so I could easily navigate between pictures to adjust levels etc. Back then it had some bugs and missing features, but not much to complain. However, I updated my system to windows 10 and it's not installing anymore. So I tried out 2018 and 2019 only to notice same and new bugs still exist. I can't understand how's that even possible, some are really trivial:
1. In Adjust tab, Control-S opens Save As, while it should just save. F12 is for Save As but both lead to the same dialog box.
2. Adjust something, contrast for example to +10, go to Fill light or something else, then back to contrast - it's 0, should remain at +10 I would say...
3. Still no way to set a default Save quality, I remember lot of people were requesting this feature back in X6 times
4. Still slow and kind if clumsy desktop, would not remember my settings upon restart
5. Still ads (can't accept it in a paid version! In X6 I just blocked the whole PSP in firewall)

My general feeling is that indeed some little features are being (very slowly) added but none of existing ones were improved.
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