PSP X9 crashes

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PSP X9 crashes

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My copy of PSP X9 has crashed 4x since I started using it. It crashed twice just a few minutes ago as I was using the text tool and moving objects on the canvas. I may have been converting a vector layer to raster both times and that, if true, may have simply been a coincidence.

Most of the time it runs fine. I did have internet explorer open at the same time. There have been times when I have had even more programs open at the same time with no problems (even two more editors). Is there a crash log I can send to Corel. If yes, where do I find it?

I am running PSP on a HP desktop model P7-1057. It is several years old . If you have experience at diagnosing possible crash solutions, please feel free to check the specs on this model. It does have only an integrated AMD graphic capability.
Fortunately, PSP does save a copy of the current project when it crashes which is very helpful.

Any questions or help based on similar experiences with similar equipment will be appreciated. Thanks

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