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Corel Forums Web Ring

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:25 pm
by sjj1805
This User to User forum began life with the former Ulead Software Company specialising in various video and graphic related products such as
  • VideoStudio
  • MediaStudio
  • MovieFactory
  • DVD Workshop
  • PhotoImpact
  • Gif Animator
Ulead later merged with Intervideo and so this forum expanded to include the various Intervideo range of products such as
  • WinDVD
  • WinDVD Creator
  • WinDVR
  • Home Theatre
and of course many other items of software.

A further merger took place with Corel. However the Corel Range of products is simply too large to include in one forum and it is unlikely that there would be sufficient users with the necessary expertise to answer the questions that would be raised. How best then to help people who come looking to our forum for help relating to other Corel Products that are not a part of the range this forum serves?

I shall contact Administrators of other Corel Web Forums with a view to the creation of a "Web Ring" - this is where various forums serve a particular community but each have their own experts. This prevents similar forums from competing against each other but in fact they complement each other thus providing a better service to the Corel Community at large.