MSP 7/8 and Windows 10?

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MSP 7/8 and Windows 10?

Post by tnpir4002 »

It's the age-old question...but has a way been found to get our beloved program to run on post-XP machines?

I've stuck with XP all these years on one of my machines for the express reason that XP and XP alone will run MSP. I tried it on 7, then 8, and now 10, and nada. I've built up a lot of timelines over the years in MSP7, and I love it because it's so simple and easy to use.

Well, that XP machine finally died on me today (faulty power supply and badly degraded capacitors), and I'm in search of a solution. Obviously getting XP to run on anything modern is a fool's errand; I'm also not what you'd call in love with the idea of getting a used XP-compatible system. I'm all set to invest in a new system, but just one problem...I want to make sure I can run MSP7 on it.

Anyone ever find a way?
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Re: MSP 7/8 and Windows 10?

Post by templetin12 » ... online.pdf

see the instructions from
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Re: MSP 7/8 and Windows 10?

Post by chazdole2+ »

I just got MSP8 audio working correctly on Win7 this morning.

Note the post following the link, where I correct the error and explain that the entire vio folder was changed. I just posted it, and it is pending review as I write this.

I have tried a lot of programs since MSP was discontinued, and have not been happy with any of them. Granted, MSP8 lacks some mp4 support, but I imagine codecs might be available to fix that.
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