MSP8: Support

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MSP8: Support

Post by Devil »

Now that MSP has been officially announced by Corel as being discontinued, forum users, and especially those of this board, may be wondering what support remains.

1. Corel has announced that all support will continue normally until 18 June 2009, including downloading the instruction manual.

2. This board will continue indefinitely to provide help for all.

3. Charlie Hills' book Getting results with MediaStudio Pro 8, which is, in my opinion, the best source of help, remains on sale at a give-away price of $9. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Ongoing help is therefore available for all who need it!

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I don't get it?

Post by David40 »

I have seen this before with companies doing this to put competitors out of business, but Corel has no competing products so I am baffled by this. Media Studio is a great product and I was eager to see what version 9 would have been capable of. Sad :cry:
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Re: MSP8: Support

Post by sounddoctorin »

I was astounded thinking I was going to get real help when I called the official help line the other day on this issue I've been having (on my xp machine where suddenly in mSP8 the codecs for ENCODING just..vanished. ALl my templates blank. And I only have options of 5 things which all either inflate the file, crash or make run in slow motion. Eg. MJPEG whatever the first one actually inflates a 350M video to 550M or like that typically. Though it may do different things depending on the phase of the moon etc. I ran it down then tried to return to the same quality and it didn't make the same size file so go figure)

Anyway after the 'tech' got access to my system he reloaded a spyware program that I don't use anymore because it was a pesky waste of time (super anti-spyware.. pick your poison. Be pestered by spyware? Or the anti-spyware program?) Anyway after finding tracking cookies he tried to make me think he'd accomplished something. lol. I began to realize I was talking to an ignoramus. Then he tries to show me their 'plan' and if I want my 150.00 purchase to work again..I need to pay them min 200 / year.

Jerks. I've so had it with that kind of thing. TELL ME THAT UP FRONT! Good grief. TIme wasting people.
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