Photo Album 6 Text to DVD Help

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Photo Album 6 Text to DVD Help

Post by PhotoDude »

For years I have used the old Jasc and then Corel Photo Album 5 and 6 software to organize and do limited editing of my photos. For a majority of the photos, I added a photo title and photo description for each picture under the "info" tab found on the "organize, enhance or share" workspace. I have always been able to create photo slide shows that will show the photo title and photo description on demand. The program accomplished this by generating a text file (ixdb.txt) accompanying the images that would then match up and display the text with the images during slideshow playback. Over the years, I burned these slideshows to CD.

I still have and use the Photo Album 6 software, but I would like to burn these slideshows to DVD that can be played back on a television via a standard DVD player with the accompanying photo title and description displayed on the image. Is anyone aware of any Corel software that might accomplish this goal without me having to copy and paste the title and description info onto each photo/image? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Photo Album 6 Text to DVD Help

Post by Ron P. »

Welcome to the forums,

First I'm not familiar with Photo Album 6, so I need to ask if it does not have a DVD burning engine included? That would be my first choice, just use it to burn your DVDs.

Next the only program that Corel has that comes close to doing what you want would be DVD MovieFactory 7 Pro, (not DVD Factory Pro 2010). However it will use the EXIF data for the images, or a subtitle file (SRT) that you would have to manually create. EXIF data of course does not include comments/descriptions you would have added, those are generally stored in the ICPT.

You might have a look at Irfanview (FREE) and is capable of doing a lot. It does have the ability to use ICPT data, and you can burn CDs or DVDs with it.

Now keep in mind that the text files created using Photo Album 6 are proprietary, meaning only Photo Album will recognize and be able to use them. So with any other program you will need to construct that information again.
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