Picture Show 3 will not open previously saved project

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Picture Show 3 will not open previously saved project

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Yesterday the program closed down properly, but today I can not open it. Each time I click open, click on file, it asks me if I want to save project file (blank screen). I first said no, cancel,but it keeps repeating itself.

I then saved a copy of the project file eleswhere on the computer before getting brave enough to answer yes to the "do you want to save" dialog box. The program the asks if you want to overwrite the existing file. I answered no since I felt it was going to overwrite a good file with a blank file.

I am terribly upset since I have put a lot of time in this project and fear that I may not be able to recover it. Please help!

Thanks in advance.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. If I understand correctly, you've saved a copy of what you believe to be your "good" project file in a new location in order to safeguard it.

Try the following. With Picture Show 3 closed, click on the "good" copy of your project file. This should launch Picture Show 3 with your project pre-loaded. It should appear exactly as it was when last saved it. If the project is blank or altered, chances are it was somehow overwritten. In this case, before re-starting your project from scratch I would rule out the possibility of a broken Picture Show 3 installation by uninstalling and then re-installing the software. If after doing so, your "good" project file continues to open a blank project you can probably assume your project was in fact overwritten.

Please report the results and/or any additional comments, info, questions, etc...

Good luck :-)
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