WinDVD Pro 12 Plays Previews but then passes Decision

WinDVD Pro 12 Plays Previews but then passes Decision

Postby patman1957 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:24 am

WinDVD Pro 12 will play the previews for other movies, then there is a flash of a decision on the screen regarding viewing the Extreme Unrated version or the Theater performance version (AVP - Requiem in Blue Ray). That decision window is open for about .25 of a second. Then I get the spinning dots of death. The software will not allow me to go to the DVD main menu because I didn't make the decision on which version that I wanted to watch. I previously had this software on another computer (NOT COPIED FROM THAT COMPUTER BUT JUST DOWNLOADED TODAY, 01 DECEMBER 18) and had similar issues requiring Corel doing a remote access. That version was downloaded a few years back. Is this software that buggy and they haven't bothered to actually fix it? I have a lot of Corel software that isn't buggy but this WinDVD Pro 12 REALLY TAKES THE CAKE ON BAD PROGRAMMING! I cannot see how this can be called "PROFESSIONAL" by any stretch of the imagination.
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