HELP Can't input registration code!

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HELP Can't input registration code!

Post by aldodrem »

To make a long story short I've always ever used VLC to play my DVDs until recently when I upgraded to a Blu-Ray drive and found out unknowingly that I had to actually get paid software to play such media. I tried out a couple of programs and ended up sticking with WinDVD Pro however I was using at the time the trial version of the software. It had been well over a month since I installed the Blu-Ray drive and I knew before hand that the software was expired so I went online to the corel store and purchased a key, the problem is I can't input it anywhere and thus I can't use the software!

The receipt had a download link but stated it wasn't required to download if the trial version was already installed, all you had to do was input your key. However whenever I open WinDVD Pro a box pops up that says yadda yadda yadda expired and than only 2 buttons appear a purchase now one which closes the program and launches a browser window to their store or an exit now button that also closes out the program. Where/how the hell do I input my product registration code?

I already tried running the installer from the download which corel linked in my receipt but it runs halfway through and than says invalid product key (since trial is expired and I didn't put code in yet) than removes WinDVD trial from my apps. Not a problem I think, It uninstalled the trial version so I'll try again with the one I downloaded from on my receipt. Well I do that and this time when I run the installer it pops up saying "I must install WinDVD 11 before I install this component."

So how the hell do I
A) Install the program and
B) input my registration code
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Re: HELP Can't input registration code!

Post by lata »

Hi aldodrem

Sorry you are having registration issues, unfortunately we do not work for Corel just volunteers helping out on the forum.

I would try this…….

Re-install the trial version
Disconnect your pc from the internet
Run the program

This should give you the option to register via the phone, then allow you to input your serial number etc.

I know the above has worked for other product, hopefully will work for WinDVD

Otherwise you will be best contacting Corel Support, Corel on Facebook is free and may be the best option if you do not have free support, unfortunately you have to register to receive free support.
Regards Trevor
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