Windows XP 64 bit

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Windows XP 64 bit

Postby Jjay » Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:05 pm

Well, I did finally give in. I'm unable to run Workshop in Win7 64 bit. I know it's not supported but I hoped the XP mode or compatibility mode would work. For me it didn't, and that's on a new build i5.

But it dawns on me that perhaps it would work on Windows XP 64 bit. You see, I bought the components for my new PC which included 16 gigs of memory. Now that I went back to XP 32 bit, I had to go down to 4 gigs of memory.

I am hoping it will run on XP 64 so I can up my memory again.

Is there anyone running this program on XP 64? Any first hand experience? I really don't want to reformat again and find it won't run on the xp 64 either.

thanks all, very much.
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