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Undocumented Feature

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:08 am
by Kingston
There's an undocumented feature where you can create a node(s) on a motion arrow, and then move the node to a new position, as in this video on YouTube:

This allows you to create a back-and-forth motion.

That's about as complicated as I get. But you can get even more complicated. For example, you can create more than one node on an arrow, but you have to create each new node between the tail and the node closest to the tail. And afterwards, moving any node other than the one closest to the tail is tricky stuff. I think I had to use the arrow keys while the right mouse button was held down. And then there were some things that required PhotoMirage to be in the Trash-Can mode.

You can easily crash or lock up PhotoMirage with these undocumented features.