Python in Visual Studio Code

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Python in Visual Studio Code

Post by BloodyNose »

I'm trying to edit my PSP 2021 python scripts within Microsoft Visual Studio Code. PSP correctly opens the file okay, but I'm having trouble getting the python libraries set up correctly. VSC in unable to import PSPApp: Unable to import 'PSPApp'. I've searched through the python libraries within the PSP 2021 install directory and find no references to PSPApp. What am I missing?

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Re: Python in Visual Studio Code

Post by LeviFiction »

PSP uses a custom compiled and embedded version of Python. PSPApp is something provided by the main application not a physical file on the HDD.

I haven't found a good way to stop VSCode from complaining about PSPApp, but I have in the past just created my own version of the PSPApp library and placed it in my Python 2.7 libraries so I could use that as my interpreter in VSCode. It involved re-creating a number of the features of the PSPApp. But because I was lazy, instead of creating all of the constants and commands, I tried creating a class setup that would accept all member variables as valid. VSCode still complained.

I have a very basic run-down of that's all in the PSPApp library at the bottom of the page here: ... mentation/ if you'd like to try and make your own.

EDIT: Just tried out the new PyLance engine in VSCode using my custom PSPApp library. All errors were removed. I also had to uninstall PyLint because that still complained but PyLance works. It removes all errors due to importing PSPApp.
I'm going to do some more work and get the Constants all loaded in so that I can have code completion on those. Once I'm done I'll upload a copy here.
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