Paste Files as New Images

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Paste Files as New Images

Post by LeviFiction »

Script Name: PasteFiles and PasteFilesAsLayer
Download Link: ... sp=sharing
Compatability: 12 - 2020
Requirements: Place in Scripts-Trusted Folder
Video Demo: ... sp=sharing
PSP Lets you drag and drop files from WIndows Explorer into the main program. But it doesn't support dragging entire folders or copying a file from Windows Explorer directly into the program as a new image. This script will allow you to select images in Windows Explorer, hit Copy and then come into PSP and this script will read the file paths and open each image one by one.

If you copy a folder, this script will grab all of the images in the top level of that folder hierarchy and load those in.

If the file cannot be opened, an error will be printed to the Script Output palette and ignored allowing it to continue opening files even if you've selected one PSP can't open.

The PasteFilesAsLayer lets you paste in all of the files you copied as individual layers into the current image. Be warned this will flatten any PSPImage files that are pasted in.
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Re: Paste Files as New Images

Post by JoeB »

Good work! I believe that the second option - Paste File as Layer - is something that has been previously asked about in the main forum several times in the past.

Using PSP 2019 64bit
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