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Script - QRCodeGenerator

Post by LeviFiction »

Script Name: QRCode Generator
Download Link: ... x3uhpm_8q3
Compatibility: PSPX2 - 2019
pyqrcode library -
Install PSPScript in Scripts-trusted folder
Video Demo: ... kmyTl/view

Probably the least necessary script as free QR Code generators exist online. However, if someone wanted to generate a vector QR Code directly inside of PSP I wanted to offer this one.

This script requires that you install a python library called PyQRCode. The license of this library prevents me from making alterations to the code, so I wasn't able to condense it into a single flat script like I normally do. So, along with a demonstration of its use, the video demo also demonstrates how to go about installing the library inside PSP. You can also follow the instructions here.

1) First visit this Github page and click on the green "Clone or download" button.
2) Click "Download zip" from the drop-down that apppears.
3) On your computer, navigate to c:\Program Files\Corel\YourPSPVersion\Python Libraries\Lib\Site-Packages\
Where YourPSPVersion can be any version of PSP you have installed. On a 64-bit system Program Files is where the 64-bit version of PSP is. To install this on the 32-bit version go to Program Files (x86). If your computer is a 32-bit computer then regular Program Files is where you want to go.
4) Open the pyqrcode zip folder
5) Find the pyqrcode folder inside the zip and copy that into the site-packages folder
6) Copy QRGenerator.PSPScript into your Scripts-Trusted folder
7) Run the script on any open image
8) Enter in the data you want encrypted
9) A QR code is generated at the size of 30x30 pixels in the upper right-hand corner of the image on its own vector layer.
10) Use the pick tool to move and scale the code.
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