Time calculation

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Time calculation

Postby Jean-Luc » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:32 pm

I'm trying to compare the time taken by different PSP versions to achieve a task recorded in a script.

In the current state (see attached), the script writes the starting time in the image, runs the steps and writes the end time on the image after execution.

What I would have is not the begin and end time but the duration in seconds.

The final displayed text should be :
Name of script (if possible)
PSP version and if x32 or x64
Seconds taken for accomplishing the task recorded in the named script

Result could be written inside the test image (like the attached script) or in a separate image. I prefer a separate image because the test image may be created from scratch (in other testing scripts) but could also be a real photo with another size. It needs some calculation if text size must be proportional to the tested image. Pity PSP cannot write the result in a text file.
I observed too, in the current script, that the resulted text varies in size from PSP version to PSP version. Tested on X7 to X9, the text displays like I want but in PSP 8, PSP 2018 and 2019 is too big.
PS : my script creates the image for testing. No need to have an image already open.
Part of the script is inspired by a Suz Shook script but I am not very expert in scripts. I know my limits... :)

Test_deformation cercle.zip
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