Script - Colorized Pencil Sketch Using Original Image Colors

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Script - Colorized Pencil Sketch Using Original Image Colors

Postby JoeB » Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:49 pm

A poster in the PSP forum (@fayt) asked how to do a colorized pencil sketch from a color photo similar to one shown in a PS tutorial. Here's the link to that thread:


LeviFiction posted the steps that could produce the same effect in PSP. As I then posted that perhaps a script could be used to do it faster and more efficienly, I decided to do the script and try it out. Using in on several different images produced interesting results so I'm posting the script in case others like the effect. The attached script is the result.

There are two steps in LeviFiction's list where the user can lower the opacity of a pasted layer - Step 8, to make the sketch lines of the black and white layer less dark, and Step 10 (the last step) to lighten the final color. The script must pause in Step 8 for the user input and I have incorporated Gary Barton's Pause script to allow this. A message box opens at this stage with those instructions, and also telling the user that, when satisfied, to run the script again to continue. Another box at the end give the info for lightening color. Both of those boxes can be edited out of the script if you don't want them to appear.

NOTE: Run the script in Silent mode or you'll also get the dialogue box for changing the setting of the Gaussian Blur step. If you want to experiment with changing that setting then run it in Interactive mode.

Examples of how the results on @fayt's image and a different one I used it on with different opacity settings can be seen at the above link.
Colorized Pencil
Colorized Pencil Sketch using original image colors
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Using PSP 2019 64bit
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Re: Script - Colorized Pencil Sketch Using Original Image Co

Postby Kathy_9 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:34 pm

Nice job Joe. Thanks for creating and posting.

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