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Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:24 am
by phpbbadmin
Before asking questions in this forum, have you checked everything in the USER MANUAL and Readme of the program?
Also, Get Answers from the Corel Knowledge Base. Then use Search because someone may have already asked the same question.

1. SUBJECT: Provide a title that best describes your problem
2. Describe your problem:
3. What devices are involved and their mode of connection?:
4. The Version of program is being used e.g. VS11+ VS11.5+ VSX2+VSX3+VSX4+X5
5. Please list all patches/updates that have been installed relating to that version of the program.
6. Details of the source files.

Note: to obtain all the properties of a file, right click on a video file in either the VS timeline or library window.
  1. Where did they originate (camcorder, internet, TV card etc)
  2. How did they get onto your hard drive (download, firewire, USB cable etc.)
  3. Type of video e.g. MPEG2, DV, MTS, Mov, DivX, MPEG4 etc
  4. Video data rate
  5. Type of audio e.g. LPCM, AC3, MP3 etc
  6. Audio data rate
7. Project Properties (Alt+Enter)
If you are rendering using Share > Create Video File > Same As Project Properties? What are the Project Properties?"
8. PAL or NTSC
9. Error Codes (if any): At what point did the Error occur, during the Editing stage, or after Share – Create Disc
10. What are you trying to make, burn a Standard DVD, a HD Bluray or Avchd DVD, or Video for the internet.

By following these simple rules, you will increase your chances of obtaining a solution to your problem.

If you have not already done so, click on User Control Panel, then go to the Profile tab in the forum header and fill in the fields titled:
Please update your user profile to include your PC specification

Operating System
System Drive
32bit or 64bit
Video Card
Sound Card
Hard Drive Capacity

If you do not know your system specifications, or how to look them up, there is a free utility called Belarc Advisor,you can download and run. It will tell you everything you need to know (but were afraid to ask) about your PC.

General Forum Guidelines

Thank you

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 2:27 am
by sjj1805
There now exists several different versions of the various Corel products.

To further assist with troubleshooting errors please include the Full Version number of your software.

Using MovieFactory as an example:
DVD MovieFactory Version 4 Disc Creator (ESD Download)
DVD MovieFactory Version 4 Disc Creator (Boxed Version)
DVD MovieFactory Version 4 LE

Please also indicate if you have installed any service packs.

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:06 pm
by Ron P.
Devil wrote: Some codec packs are incompatible with much video software. Some codecs in them conflict with the codecs that MSP, VS, WS, MF and other NLEs use.

It is known that these sometimes cause:
a) no video
b) no audio
c) unforeseen crashes

If you have a codec pack of whatever make installed and suffer from any of the above problems, you may find that uninstalling the pack will be the solution for you.

We have seen this solution has worked twice in the past day or two, with two of the above programs, and a search on this and other forums will reveal other cases.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:52 pm
by Ron P.
For those that have problems locating the information for Corel Customer Service, click on the link to take you to their page providing telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and a link to email them..

Corel Customer Service

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:23 am
by Ron P.
Options at Bottom of Message Post

When you're typing in your post/reply, at the bottom there are 4 options with checkboxes:
  • Disable BBCode in this post. Read the first word again, it is Disable. So when you are going to use any BBCode please DO NOT CHECK the box beside this option. When you check this box, it is telling the PHP to ignore all the BBCode tags, resulting in the tags being visible in your post.
  • Disable Smiles in this post. Again this is not to enable them, but to Disable them. Do not check this if you want to see smilies.
  • Attach signature (signatures can be changed in profile). This is to attach a signature block (mine is an image of all my programs) below each post.
  • Notify me when a reply is posted. This does not always work, due to the antiquated phpBB2 the web board uses. Check if you desire.
I wish that phpBB would change the wording to Enable so that it is not so easily confused.

The main concern is that if you are going to use any BBCode in your posts, please do not check that first box.